Anti-Cellulite Rebelle
Number 1 Stubborn
Cellulite slimming care

A unique combination of
Cecropia + Caffeine, for the release of
all types of body fat, even the most persistant


1. Move as much as possible

Exercise promotes the loss of fat tissue and replaces it with muscle tissue. Move as much as possible and your figure will contract:
30 minutes of walking a day + 1 to 2 hours of sports/week

2. Eat healthy foods at the right times of the day

Following the chrono-nutrition schedule lets you keep a slender, firm figure , without dieting. You just have to eat the right foods at the right time of day: some fat at breakfast, a substantial lunch with proteins, carbohydrates for an afternoon snack, and a light dinner.
And if you follow just one rule, no sugar at the end of a meal.
For an afternoon snack, choose fruit, avoid eating desserts, and in general, never eat fast-release carbohydrates and sugar (candy, refined sugar, jam …)

3. Drink water

1.5 to 2 quarts of mineral water a day. Only between meals.

4. Massage regularly

5 minutes a day, while applying Cellu Slim.

5. Apply Cellu Slim every morning

For at least 14 days.